Former Golf Course Become The Camp For Travelers

Travelers are not left with any option rather to set up a camp on a former golf course present in the Northfield – it happened just few days after the council denied planning permission for the 950 home development.

Nearly, 15 caravans have come into the former North Worcestershire Golf Club car park area; it is located at the junction of Frankley Beeches Road and Hanging Lane.

Last Thursday the planning committee of Birmingham City Council denied a planning application received from Bloor Homes. The application to develop 950 homes at the site.

Andy Cartwright, the councilor said “The site is still owned by the North Worcestershire Golf Club.

“Nearly 15 caravans have moved onto the site in the last few days.

“We hold the meeting with the site’s owners prior to this and we asked for assurance from him that the North Worcestershire Golf Club would be secured properly so that this thing doesn’t happen.

But, then I was told, that the site was unsecured and it was an intentional move to stop the force full movement travelers onto the site. They simply drove on. And this is very obvious that the people living in the area are unhappy and they want that the problem should get resolved at the earliest.”

Acting on the request of residents of the area, the Councillor Cartwright has contacted Golf Club North Worcestershire and have asked them to follow all the legal process to remove the travelers from the club.

He further added that, “Now we are required to meet with the stakeholders of the club to discuss the site’s future and also about the alternative uses. Soon we will be able to find out some solution to deal with the situation. Till then we are not forcing anyone.”