Jim Furyk looking to the future

While most of his peers have been struggling over the years with injuries, dips in forms or illness, including the legendary figures of Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh, Jim Furyk has managed to keep his body fighting fit, and with that, his game at a highly consistent level.

Speaking to the press, the gentleman golfer said that he has been very fortunate on the injury front but admitted that he is in a sport where it can go at the snap of a finger. He added that if something happened to his back at this stage, it would be very tricky for him to come back from there. He mentioned that he had always been into workouts – it is something that not only keeps him fit but he feels good as well.

Having won just one major title in his career that came 12 years back with the US Open, Jim Furyk is looking to add some more titles to his name between now and the end of his career. He knows time is not on his side and mentioned that he has been very fortunate with injuries and he wants to make the most of the time he has.

When he first came onto the scene, he was criticised for having a loopy and unorthodox swing. He has just had one swing coach in his career, his father Mike, and he feels his swing is something that has prevented him from sustaining any injuries.

According to Jim Furyk, initially, he was the butt of all jokes for his swing but now, people say his back is not under much stress because of his swing and that has kept him healthy. And he feels most of the people making those comments have no idea about it and he takes it in his stride.