Kiwi Golf Club Had Triple Treat With Three Aces On The Same Hole Single Day

People say lightning never strikes twice in the same place and if said three times, then how about it?

The Taihape Golf Club had made a record on Sunday after a spectacular hole-in-one blitz at their short 96m par-3 14th hole when three players aced the same hole with a short succession.

The three remarkable perfect shots came on Sunday the day of Easter. What is more interesting about this short is the triple short occurred in a field of just 28 players.

Danny Mickelson, greens superintendent and former club captain and president have this view about the short. The pin was in a difficult position– but clearly not challenging enough for those three.

“I haven’t heard of anything like it at any other course, this is the first time as ours,” he added. “To have three holes-in-one on the same home is nothing short of remarkable.”

The perfect shots were finished by club member Chris George as well as visitors from the nearby Waiouru and Hawkestone clubs.

When asked about the celebration of this short, Mickelson said, “This is no doubt a moment of celebration as a history has been created, so we all marked the day in our time-honored fashion. Such shots are rare and it was a special day for the club, which will be remembered for a long period of time.”

When George was contacted to comment on this he said I am extremely surprised and happy that it happened and I am the part of it. My shot was planned and I wanted to hit the ball with the same intention every time. This time the timings were right and the ball reached its destination perfectly. It is really a proud moment for me as well as everyone here.