Mike Clayton Backs Matt Millar

When it comes to US Masters News Mike Clayton is a name that needs no introduction.

He backed Matt Millar from Canberra and has helped him to be in form as he qualified for Japan Tour for the following year. Clayton stated that the member from Gold Creek had played his game with a smart and consistent manner. This was ideal for the narrow courses that are usually found in the land of the rising sun. Mike Clayton stated that the way Matt played the Masters in Melbourne was worth noticing and crediting him for.

Even though Matt has miles to go to improve his rankings, he definitely has a playing style that is commensurate with the style of the top players in the game. He is also known to showcase a consistent style of playing. Mike also claims that Matt has an old fashioned approach as he does not hit the ball too far as many of the young players do.

Instead, the golf he plays is a steady and consistent style. When the Australian Open came by Millar then went to enroll for the Japan Tour Qualifying School. However, tour schools are not easy feats. It is necessary to be consistent in your performance as well as to ensure that one does not make mistakes. Clayton would be playing an exhibition match of seven holes on Sunday for the opening match along with Geoff Ogilvy who is the US Open winner. Clayton has been trying to implement different technical aspects of the course which would be home to the tournament of the US Masters. The course for the Japan tournaments would be hilly and would have obstacles like pine trees. However, it is in the lines of an inland parkland which is a unique golf course to play on.